FG Bleeding heartsAs a young girl it was my dearest wish and highest aspiration to swan about in glittering piles of jewels; to own an actual, honest-to-god treasure chest, full of glowing pearls and shimmering gems and all manner of rare, sparkling baubles.

As an adult, not much has changed and I am well on my way to this goal (I’ll get that treasure chest for it all one day, mark my words!) but I have found that in my vast array of frips and finery, I really only wear a handful of things from three or four of my favorite jewelers.

Flannery Grace Good is one of these artists.  I originally learned of her work a few years ago through another beloved artist, Meredith Yayanos, who praised Flannery as “…a phenomenal maker of bespoke, commissioned pieces,” and I have been utterly enthralled with her creations and her unique, beautiful vision ever since. I vowed right then and there that I must get to know this brilliant human, and that one day I would adorn myself with her jewels.




I learned immediately that to collaborate on a custom piece of jewelry with Flannery is to trust your heart and guts and sketchy ideas with a fabulous human who is not only a consummate professional, but a genuinely empathetic, compassionate and infinitely creative soul who has the ability to craft tangible, magical works of art from your most nebulous, ridiculous dreams.

This custom ring possesses an eerie stone, a picasso jasper, that reminds me of an autumn forest at dusk. The mysterious moth lady is a fever dream of Flannery’s own creation, based on a bit of preliminary correspondence we had.

moon phase front moon phase back

My second custom piece that Flannery dreamed up for me was a stunning moonstone necklace with lunar phases engraved on the back.

monocle1 monoclemonocle2

This is a custom night vision “monocle” designed to help one see in the dark, with translucent white banded agate and topped with an electric yellow sapphire. I can’t quite recall how the idea came about, I think I was beating myself up for not seeing something or something for what it was, and the idea of a talisman for which to see in the dark was born! We chose the stone because it looked like an eerie, milky blind eye; more specifically it reminded me of that iconic image of the creepy blind woman in Fulci’s The Beyond. Etched on the back is “et vident in tenebris” my best approximation of “to see in the dark”, in Latin. (If I got it wrong, don’t tell me.)


If you can dream it, Flannery can coax it to life in her own, inimitable style. (Which, if pressed, I would describe as one part mystery, one part whimsy and all heart.) And that’s not just hyperbole–if there is any artist I know who pours her entire heart and soul into each and every one of her creations, it is without a doubt, Flannery Grace Good.

Born on the day of the dead at the instant of moonrise, Flannery Grace Good has integrated these facets of her persona into the narrative of her creations; in her hands, these eerie instances take fantastical form as one-of-a-kind rings, earrings and pendants, cuffs and bangles, incorporating astonishingly gorgeous hand-picked gems in every hue of the spectrum. Often these works are imbued with extra bits of symbolism and magic, inscribed with emblems and enchantments, sacred scribbles and divine doodles.

Having entered her 20th year of making jewelry just this summer, Flannery shared with me a bit of her history and experiences with the craft. After some initial lessons and silver experiments with her beloved uncle Bubba in New Mexico, she attended college in Colorado to continue her education and training, where she graduated in three years and was valedictorian.

To finance a solo show she is currently working on and which is scheduled for 2017 (“I went looking for you”, dealing with themes of mental illness and addiction, loss and grief) Flannery opened up an Etsy shop this past autumn where you will find all manner of magical adornments, all of them ready to ship!

spirit orb

Pictured above is one of the Spirit orb necklaces; this particular creation is is handmade from Argentium silver and set with a AAA quality labradorite. On the back of each setting is a hand carved symbol found in the Tigris-Euphrates area. It is an ancient symbol that is believed to be a map of the known cosmos at the time. It was drawn in Babylon either around 2300 BCE or 700 BCE.

And if you can believe it, we are giving away this breathtakingly gorgeous necklace! For the opportunity to win, please comment on this post and share a bit of magic with us. Whether it is a story, a spell, a bit of wisdom, a recipe, a poem–whatever kind of enchantment you want to pass on ! You don’t necessarily have to like/share either of us on Instagram, but why wouldn’t you? I mean, we are pretty interesting people! But for the purposes of this giveaway, leave a comment below and a winner will be chosen at random, one week from today, on Friday December 23rd.

In the meantime, find Flannery Grace Good: Etsy // Facebook // Instagram // Website

Amanda Sarjeant says

I have something lovely for you:

OTB says

I have always admired that beautiful ring and think your description is very on pointe, because it is magic itself, all around the edges--the liminal state of dusk and autumn itself, and my own particular fondness for things lived around the borders of life, and of dreams.

I try to find magic in the every day and sometimes succeed. This morning, the sky was just so, that cold lavender and warm pink and dusky blue, and the trees' dark trunks streaked with damp and to me, all the more lovely for having lost their leaves, one enjoys their twisting shapes that much more.

Jean says

Oh, I've always wanted to own one of her pieces.

I have always found jewelry to be like my own personal armor, that makes me like a mystical warrior woman. So there's my wisdom for you: jewels and fripperies and fineries give you power and strength. I believe that with my whole heart.

Pamela says

I am mesmerized and captivated! I would love to own one of these beauties!! I have always loved to adorn myself with such lovelies. It makes me feel pretty :)

Iris says

A bit of magic is... after scrimping and saving for months I finally own a piece of hers. The magic is the joy the piece has brought to my life. It's a planchette with an emerald and star quartz. I originally bought it as a birthday present for myself since my boyfriend is not the best at gifts. No joke: This year's birthday gift was a hubcap. And books, which I loved, but, hubcap? To his credit, the books were exceptional. Anyway, that is my magic. Flannery's art. She's about as much magic as I get right now. Oh, and I saw a ghost at the hotel I stayed at last week.

Amy says

I am the proud owner of the ottercorn necklace, by Flannery.

Laura Hall Hodge says

flannery is a wizard and you've captured it in your tribute to her. magic to share with you? hmmmm.... i see things before they happen and i can see things from the past. i see myself being chosen to receive this lovely necklace.

Carmel Marks says

Flannery makes me think of hard things in a soft way.
All the ugly, difficult, wrenching moments are contained in smooth fluidity when they touch her hands.
That's how I feel when I see her work.When we talk, I know where that comes from. A sweet-hot consuming fire which turns rock into fluid.

Bo Hogan says

When my daughter turned eighteen, my very talented cousin blessed us with matching crescent moon tattoos. Last summer, I managed to get a moonstone ring made by Flannery Grace Good. I wore it for a few weeks but I really felt it was meant for my daughter so I gave it to her for her twenty-first birthday. My daughter is so kind that she loans it to me each time I'm going someplace fancy. Flan Candy is always impressive! I, too, want a treasure chest full of breathtaking baubles!

Carmel Marks says

Flannery makes the hard things in life soft by simply moving them with her hands.
She turns the unreal into shining fact.
Just by talking with her you feel the determination that can turn rock into liquid.
The detail is what gets me. Once in a great while, I see something, and her work flames in my brain, like an old-fashioned flicka movie.
She sticks with you.

Jordan Milan says

I would like to share my little piece of magic. This beautiful person came to me during a time of my life when I was completely lost. I had no direction, I felt unloved and worthless. This tiny human came into my life and magically everything bad melted away. Because of her I am halfway to a degree in science, I am happy, I am healthy and I finally know who I am. Feeling this way was always something I considered only magic could achieve. She is my tiny human, my little piece of magic. She has given my life purpose, love and self-worth. She is my daughter, Freya.


Lindsey Wilhite says

Flannery Grace has always been an inspiration to me and I'd be honored to have one of her pieces.

Janna says

i am always in awe of flannery's work and how it can tug at a center in me with its beauty while also reminding me of our connection to the universe with its depth. that is magic <3
i wax & wane like the moon, i ebb & flow like the tide...the gravitational pull of the stars in my eyes ferries me towards a future unseen, the rusty sea throbbing through my veins anchors me present, and the roots of my heart furl behind - grasping what they once knew and will never forget.

S.Gracie says

First and foremost, Flannery's creations are all absolutely stunning and mystical, I have been a fan for several years.
I have a personal rule about aquiring new jewelry, it's gotta be old or handmade, even better if it's both. Artists and/or thier pieces with a backstory are my favorite.
I love raw stones, I love to dig my own stones, if you have never gotten out and played in the dirt hunting for semi-precious and precious stones and crystals before I highly encourage the experience whoever you are.

Sally Mars says

I almost feel awkward calling this work "jewelry" - it's Art. Art of the highest order, that rarified combination of execution and concept that enables Art to speak without words, and to exist outside of time, for all time. Collectors of this work are its fortunate guardians. The work will live forever. It's perfect.

katie says

Your work is very unique and beautiful. Thanks for doing this :)

Karen Von Barron says

I was married on November 2, 2010 in San Francisco. I grew up celebrating Dia de los Muertos & it became a special day for both my husband & I. We wanted to celebrate, but still honor those we loved who had passed & hoped to have them there with us on our special day. To honor the dead, we joined the parade through the Mission district & decided to leave my bouquet at one of the altars.

At the end of the parade, was a park with some of the most beautiful altars we had ever seen! Throughout the parade several people stopped to ask about my beautiful bouquet of fall colors, including lemons & artichokes along with gorgeous orange roses. I finally found the perfect altar & laid my wedding bouquet down. When I stood up, I was surrounded by 3 lovely ladies in Catarina paint. They asked us why we gave our flowers to their altar & we told them our story. Then they told us theirs.

Their friend passed on her wedding day on the way to her reception in a car wreck. The altar was for her. They hugged me & we all cried. I knew we had picked the perfect altar. It still swells my heart & gives me goosebumps to think of it! True magic & one of my favorite memories. I know that her love lives through ours.

Amendoa Lizzbeth Tamburri says

"Right now the whole world seems to be going through a dark night of the soul." -Flannery O'Connor

Amy Fujimoto says

I am proud to own a necklace and a ring made by Flannery. It's like wearing fairy magic! Her work is otherworldly!

lisabotany says

Her work really is utterly intriguing. Each piece has its own soul.

(my mom had a treasure chest jewelry box in the 70s -- you can still find them on Ebay/Etsy!!)

Tara says

I've read every comment and I feel like a weight that I didn't know was there has lifted from my shoulders. Each kind word and story has been an absolute delight beaming from my phone screen. ;)

So here's a story for you.

Cats are complex creatures. They're mischievous, curious, fickle, and vengeful beings. They are also a light on a dreary day and a constant companion full of love to give. My cat is my mirror, my deamon, my shadow.

On a day not long ago I was a different person. A little lost, a little insecure and a little bit in denial about it all. At this time in my life I left my cat alone for close to 48 hours, however I did stop in to feed him and change my clothes in a mad rush between doubles at work and staying out all night. During my brief visit home I noticed that he had knocked the jewelry box that was sitting on my bathroom counter into the sink and had managed to get the three different sections open. Jewelry was everywhere, but nowhere to be seen. I found single earrings and chains missing pendants scattered throughout the apartment and I yelled. I yelled at my cat for the first and last time that day. I was so upset and I couldn't control it. Between sobs I yelled at Nicholas and told him what a horrible cat he was, all the while losing even more control and becoming further lost in my sorrow. I was no longer crying about my jewelry though but about my cat. He had disappeared and wouldn't come to me, he was terrified. So I sat. I sat with all of the time I had before I had to run back to work and I thought. I thought about the actions that led to this very moment and what I had done. Who was I? After I collected myself I had to apologize to Nicholas. I talked to him for awhile and told him how sorry I was and even asked him to return my jewelry. "Please give it back" I believe was the exact phrase. Then I was off, without seeing my best friend to bid farewell. It was a hard shift.

When I returned home that night my friend was bright eyed and happy to see me. Oh the feelings. It was the end to a long and emotionally draining day. To sleep we went. That next morning when I woke and began to stir I was amazed to find little baubles all over the place. A garnet earring that had been manouvered from under a rug, a matrouska earring dislodged from under a piece of furniture and a necklace. (Minus the prarie dog paw that had ever so precisely been removed and eaten) How had I missed these things?!

Nicholas, my best friend and mirror had listened.

Would I listen too?

And here is my story, a little bit of magic.

Karen says

That is beautiful.

Jeanette Hart says

I have a garnet ring, made by Flannery, given as a Mother's Day gift from my daughter. Every time I look at it, it tells me a slightly different story. Every time I touch it, I feel it's telling me something. A little bow on the side reminds me that love is the best gift, the only one that counts. On the back, the tiniest of hearts takes wing. Her jewelry sings.

Melissa Riddle says

Flannery Grace seems magical to me. In this year that has been so strange and surreal, finding her work and just learning about her love of her craft has been a blessing. Magic can be found in the most difficult times because people that love and care about others put their truth in what they make for us. May we all make and share our own magic with each other in the new year. 🐝

Emily Hodgson says

I first saw Flannery's work in an engagement ring my brother gave my future sister in law. It is a perfect piece that represented both of them. Flannery's pieces are classic, contemporary, and have a splash of the mystical all at the same time, and I just really enjoy seeing them!

Geri adams says

I run a gardening business for a living. So I'm in the Earth often. It is a must that I collect its given to me daily. Mostly feathers and rocks and even dragonfly wings. Little bits of magick I carry in my truck, just as I wear my most simple creation by Flannery daily. It's a little storm cloud. Flannery creates talismans infused with her beautiful mojo.
She gives so much love. I'm proud to call her a friend❤️

L. says

The other day I came across a photo of a cat's tombstone in a pet cemetery that read, "'He was only a cat' but he was human enough to be a great comfort during hours of loneliness and pain." It simultaneously brought a tear to my eye and made me smile. We never know what we're going to find comfort in, a song, a person, a piece of jewelry worn like a talisman, a painting, or even a ball of fur - even in some painfully dark hours, we can all hold on to something for a sliver of light and hope. That's pretty magical, I think. Here's to Dewey, the cat!

Terra says

I'm lucky enough to call Flannery my friend. To have marinated with her in a hot pot of lady soup. To have laughed out in the woods so hard my guts hurt. To have shared some pretty awful stuff. And a lot that wasn't awful at all. To have played in a pile of her delicious flan candy. To have maybe licked a few pieces. To own several pieces of her modern heirlooms. Every time I wear one I'm amazed all over again that human hands were responsible for their making. She's an inspiration in my life. Never stop, F-Ho.

Hawley Woods says

When I was going through treatment in 2015, I would struggle with loneliness. I often felt abandoned by family and friends. I wore a dragon necklace that Flannery gifted to me almost every day. Inscribed on the back were the words "heal Hawley". When I began to feel overwhelmed with being alone, I would find myself fingering my necklace and worrying the metal with my hands. It always felt warm. Inevitably, I'd look down and smile at my little dragon beast and flip it over and read the words. It never failed to remind me that many people cared for me and wanted me to get better, even if they couldn't be with me. Flannery and I have never met, but her necklace was my little beacon of hope and protection during a time I needed it most. Thank you, Flan.

S. Elizabeth says

Hawley, your comment is here. You may not have seen it immediately after posting because I have to approve first-time commenters to the site. But it's definitely here, and I *do* recall reading this last week!

erin diane says

it's almost the winter solstice, and i am ready to reflect, rest, and prepare for 2017. <3

Jill McKeever says

I was so excited to find out that Flannery is here in Kansas City, she is an incredible artist and her scorpioness shows through in her work 🤗!
As I've begun collecting thoughtfully produced jewelry pieces, I realize that I love using them to enhance places in my home with their beauty whenever I am not wearing them. Every piece has its place; necklaces hanging over the corners of framed artwork with compatible vibes, rings resting on quartz or calcite clusters, and earrings hanging from the top of vintage glass bottles.
Their purpose extends beyond personal decor, and I would never hide them in a jewelry box :)

Carmel Marks says

I do that too! Especially hanging necklaceso from picture frames. I'm so glad you do it, too. Makes life more integrated and special.

Shana S. says

Flannery's work is beautiful. I hope to have a piece of her work.

I have a bit of old wives tale magic to share. When I remember to do this, IT WORKS. It may not be a windfall but it has always been something and it has always come when I most needed it. The money will never come from a death or inheritance. On Dec 31st anytime before midnight you take your money, I use a dollar bill because you can never spend this money, you can donate it but not spend it. So take the dollar bill, I put mine in a Ziploc baggie, and take your spoon or trowel and dig a hole outside in the dirt or in a flower pot if you don't have a yard. As you dig you say I am burying my poverty I am burying my misfortune. Put the dollar or money in the hole and cover it up. I leave my trowel there so I remember where it is.
You are done for today.
On New Year's day(anytime before midnight) you go back out and dig it up, as you dig it up you say I am uncovering my wealth and my good fortune. Take the money and put it away never to be used.
I have a baggie full of the dollar bills I have used. I will donate them when I have a nice amount. Just remember you can not spend that money.

Karen says

I love this idea! How sweet!

Lisa Sandow says

When entering the Milky Way, the white wolf is steady in her mission to carriage the soul to and from the underworld.
She came to me from under an arch, that bridged an industrial canal. She either survived 18ft of toxic flood water and vicious feral dogs for the last 5 months or she really did materialize out of star dust.
She chose me.
1st full moon of 2006, Chinese New Year of the dog. She chose me.
She was pure light. Appearing and disappearing at will. I would call her Fae.
The magic runs deeper than this story... However writing my novel via a cell phone, isn't exactly what I'm up for tonight ❤️🐺❤️
Thank you for stirring up magic

Kimberly says

One night recently around 3:00 a..m., I woke up slowly until I was fully alert. It was a strange feeling, as I never wake during the night for no reason. After trying fruitlessly to fall asleep again, I felt a restlessness to get out of bed, so I pushed my complaining cats aside and began wandering around in the darkness Finally, I found myself in a rarely used guest room, staring out the window into the dark, November night. I was alert, but drowsy as well. An in-between place I've been before, but long ago, so long I couldn't remember when, only that it was distantly familiar. I tried, but just wasn't able to walk back to my bedroom.
I felt something pulling me - no, I thought...not pulling so much as luring me, calling me - softly but insistently and powerfully, outside, outside go outside…my mind said no, not at 3:00 a.m. not alone, not in the bitter cold, barefooted wearing only a long tee. But the sound, now I could feel it. Feel it, not “hear” it - in my heart a deep, textured thrumming sensation. Outside, it sang, outside. come outside...
So I grabbed my phone and gave myself over to being drawn outside. I walked up my steep driveway and halfway up, shivering , I turned around, and saw a light of great strength, out there in the dark, but somehow, instead of being swallowed up by the vast winter’s night sky, the light’s power was such that it merely used the inky sky as a foil to its beauty, a theatrical velvet backdrop. Immediately, I knew: the Supermoon! I'd been drawn by the song and the power of a rare and magical astral event. I started snapping photos, ignoring the branches and the angle, I just wanted to capture that moment in time where this lunar power was hanging over my house, as if waiting for me. The song receded quickly, and the Supermoon was no longer frozen there, suddenly its magic was ebbing away as it seemed to fluidly move away across the sky.
I went back indoors, taking with me the Supermoon’s power, it's promise left to me as my own, the thrumming now my own whispered secret, with beautiful, otherworldly photos as my souvenirs of my private moment basking in the light of its vast promise in the face of the dark peril of the cosmos ~ representing the risks worth taking (a timely reminder). I see those otherworldly images on the back of the labradorite stone, a pendant born of the cosmos etched into it's being, a pendant which screamed out to me of the powerful stone’s resemblance to the face revealed to me by my photos of the November Supermoon.

Hawley Woods says

I wrote a long comment about Flan's necklace helping me through my chemo treatments, but it's not showing up. Commenting again to be sure to get entered. Will rewrite in the morning.

Betony says

my kiddos have recently discovered the magic of fog exploration. The stories that are born from those hours are my favorite ❤️❤️❤️❤️ The fertile soil of their imaginations is beyond my own telling.

Jane says

I have never met Flannery but, I so enjoy her work. She is spreading her magic to all of us. I have one of her crystals on my work desk. It is there with me protecting me through the day. Magically Flannery.

Kat Rodgera says

Flannel is a true artist that puts her heart and soul into all her jewelry! As a jewelry artist myself I can tell each piece is finished with love and energy! I love aren't her posts of her gemstones that are all picked out with excitement of their journey into a piece of jewelry! I wish folks would understand owning and original handmade piece of art isn't like owning something mass produced!

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